What it is and what it is not

In the little cluster of journals and pages that collectively is “Caffeination”, this is the one thing that will be what people usually think of when they hear the word blog – you’ll be hearing about things I experienced during the course of my day, at least for a while.

This I can expect to see raise a question: will I be talking about my family. The answer to that is “no.” While some people did enjoy a few of the stories I shared elsewhere, there were problems. I ran into idiots. Who hasn’t, I suppose, but these people wouldn’t let go. Sometimes their idiocy was relatively harmless (if still annoying), as in the case of somebody who confronted a family member of mine and demanded that he stop lying and claiming that there had been a multiple birth in our family, because G-d knows those never happen in the real world? What is going through somebody’s mind as he says such a thing, one must wonder.

But sometimes, it was not so harmless. One of my relatives was subjected to a concerted campaign of harassment by a troll and her friends. This was not the first time something like that had been done to a family member because of activity on the Internet, so if somebody is going to say, “hey, Joe, sure that was wrong but it was a while ago, so why not forget it”, my answer is that it was not an isolated incident. I care far more about my family than I do about the curiosity of random strangers, so I’m going to set priorities accordingly. It’s a shame I have to think in those terms, but as others will tell you, there are a lot of psychopaths on the Internet, and they’ve learned that when hiding behind pseudonyms, they can use the Internet as a tool of harassment in a consequence-free manner.

Do I even have to tell you how many supposedly “nice” people rallied around and enabled the troll? There are good, solid reasons why you’ll never see me post a self-portrait or arrange meetups through my pages. Not that I’m not tempted when I check site stats and find that at least a few of my pages see a few hundred thousand visits per year apiece already (at a time when I’ve just barely started putting them together) and I find myself with a weekend I’d like to see become a little busier, but some short cuts are best not taken.

What will this be about, then? Little diary excerpts about experiences I have while wandering the city, usually alone. The names will be changed for the protection of those involved from the collected psychosis of the Internet. That might sound like a promise of intrigue and drama, or at least controversy, but it really isn’t. Until I really get pushed, I’m a quiet, low key kind of guy, so the craziness you hear about on this blog will almost certainly be craziness I observed, not craziness I carried out.

More or less what you’d expect out of somebody who almost never consumes anything stronger than inced coffee? There’s a reason why I put the personal matters on a separate blog. Some people are curious about this sort of thing, so I’ll oblige up to a point, but my life is very dull, sad to say. I’m working on that, but don’t expect too much. Most people wouldn’t want to read this, so I put that sort of content off to the side with a warning, and leave it for those who want to be bothered with it.

If you’re not one of those people, please don’t think I’d ever take that personally. At best, this journal is going to be an acquired taste.